Here are my Demo Reels and some Work Samples.

This was an incentive video, teasing an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World I was the Editor and Graphics Artist. 

Ceramics - This video was a joint effort of the University of Florida and the Dept. of Defense. exploring the Impact of Materials on Society. I was the Director, Editor and Motion Graphics artist on this piece.

This is a teaser video of all the services provided by the Disney Event Group. Shown prior to guest touring the DEG facility.

This is a compilation of some recent Animation work I have done in early summer 2108. I have taken the time to learn Cinema 4D recently, and this is some of the first pieces I have done using C4D.

This is a training video created for Allegiant Airlines. I was responsible for creating all animations and graphics.

This is a short snippet from the Score with Intel Video. Produced by Intel for Best Buy employees. Used to educate and incentivize the sales force of Best Buy on new and existing products. I was the Video Director, Editor and Motion Graphics Artist.

Teaser video shot and edited by Mike Moncrief for group in Manatee County, Florida.